The following is a list of upcoming performances. There will be additions and changes to the schedule, so check back often for the latest list of performances.
Date Title Venue City
Thursday July 2
6.00 pm
SF Trio: Sam, Kevin Fort and Joe Policastro Chicago Yacht Club -
Tuesday July 7
6.00 pm
SF Trio: Sam, Kevin Fort and John Sims Horseshoe Casino Seven Stars Lounge -
Thursday July 16
10.30 pm
It's All About the Bass: Sam and Joe Policastro High Hat Club -
Friday July 17 - Sunday July 19
Out - -
Friday July 24
SF Trio: Chris White and John Sims Wilmette Library -
Thursday August 6
7.00 pm
SF Quartet: Thursday Let's Dance: Chris White, Joe Policastro and Pete Mannheim Downtown Evanston -
Saturday August 8
6.45 pm
SF Quintet: Chris White, Joe Policatro, Ruben Garza and Ian Torres Taste of Elmwood Park -
Monday August 10
6.00 pm
SF Trio: Evenings in Ephraim: Sam, Chris White and Paul Sowinski - -
Wednesday September 16 - Sunday September 20
Out of Town - -
Saturday September 26
1.15 pm
SF Trio: Chris White and John Sims Long Grove Apple Festival -
Saturday October 3
Hold for private event - -
Friday November 6 - Saturday November 7
SF Quartert: Chris White and TBD Cliff Bell's (Detroit) -
Thursday November 19
8.00 pm
SF Trio: Cabaret Series--Chris White and Joe Policastro Capitol Theater (Madison WI) -
Thursday December 31
10.30 pm
SF Quartet: Big Night Chicago Empire Room, Palmer House Chicago -
Thursday December 31
4.00 pm - 6.00 pm
SF Trio: NY Early Eve Private Event - -

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