Sam Fazio

New CD with Tuck & Patti Coming Soon!

Update on New CD

I had a great Skype session last week with Tuck and Patti to discuss my upcoming recording project with them. We were able to schedule some time in between their busy touring and recording schedule to connect on a few things and also to revisited the initial concept for the project. We reminded ourselves of our intention to really create something that takes me to a new level artistically. We talked over current song selections, as well as a few possible new additions. Plus we discussed the possibility of working with some local Bay Area studio musicians on a few of the tunes to add a different flair to the sound of the recording. It's all very exciting.
I also had great rehearsals with Chicago-based musicians, Tim Fitzgerald and Chris White, both whom are playing on the new release.  The three of us played around with different tempos and arrangements for some jazz standards and pop tunes coming up with new concepts for the repertoire. I feel that Tuck and Patti are really pushing us to think outside the box and come up with some great takes on well known tunes. I am excited about where we are going with the tunes. I am also looking forward to working on them with Tuck and Patti later this month when we present the ideas to them on Skype. There are a few originals in addition to the cover's but more on that next week! Stay tuned.

Here's a picture of Tim and Tuck talking through some changes.

IMG_0739 copy.jpg