Sam Fazio

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Learning to sing

I remember when I first started taking voice lessons, it was when I was in High School and I was preparing for a few school productions. I felt like I needed to start getting more serious with my music even back then but when I got to senior year I realized that it was what I wanted to try and do for a profession. I decided to enroll in a summer music program at Northwestern University. It helped me gain some fundamental skills and also gave me the confidence and courage to audition for the School of Music at DePaul University. I can still remember that audition to this day, I was excited and terrified at the same time! Well, I made it into the Music School with a focus on classical vocal performance and although it was challenging, the program provided me with a solid foundation in vocal training and allowed me to be able to sing correctly, no matter what the genre. Take a look at my senior recital program below.
While studying classical music at DePaul, I realized how much I missed singing the songs I really loved—pop and jazz standards. A friend of mine suggested that I take lessons from her voice teacher who specialized in many different kinds of music and as they say “that’s where it all began”. I started taking lessons “on the side” from Janice Pantazelos in 1986. She not only taught me the fundamentals of singing, but she also taught be how to be a performer and entertainer. She motivated me and helped me become more confident on stage and in front of a band, how to grow and understand my voice as an instrument and how to care for and fine-tune it.  Over the years she was always there for all of the ups and downs. Thirty-two years later I still see her from time to time to keep things lined up and continue to grow.