Sam Fazio

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The Impossible Dream—or maybe not

I find it fascinating to think back to when I was just getting started in music and the audition process I had to go through in high school. It's kind of funny now but I remember the first song I learned for an audition in high school was "The Impossible Dream". I liked it at the time but I really wanted to sing the song my friend Nick got from our teacher, which was "What Kind of Fool Am I". I think both songs where on a Greatest Hits album that my parents had, Somehow the music on that recording really resonated with me, especially "What Kind of Fool Am I" which was sung by Robert Goulet.  Later that year I performed another song from that album "People". Now that I am singing and practicing so many different styles of music I look back and I am really amazed how that album helped to influence my love of music that continues to this day!