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New CD with Tuck & Patti Coming Soon!

Continued work on CD project

It looks like next week I will be doing another Skype session with Tuck and Patti in preparation for the recording session for my new CD project. It is a very interesting process working with both of them in San Francisco and the rest of us here in Chicago. The plan is for me to first work with guitarist Tim Fitzgerald and then with pianist Chris White ahead of getting on the Skype call. 

It is interesting how the arrangements have started to evolve and the plan is for us to really dig into the arrangements and work things out next week since the recording is only 3 weeks away!

The one song I am working on with Tim is “Do You Wanna Dance”. I think we came up with a really cool groove that has taken on a new sound compared to the original version. Chris and I are working on a smooth funk-sounding version of “Pure Imagination”. 

As we go through this process leading up to the recording I getting more and more excited about this project and can’t believe we’ll be heading out there to start recording in just a few weeks. It's all very exciting. 

BTW if you are interested in being one of the first ones to  take a listen to the new recording I have a special opportunity on my page. For a donation of $25-$49 I will send you the first single (when it comes available) from my recording. Every little bit helps since doing something like this is quite expensive but I really believe it is helping me expand my musical ability to another level. Here's the link so you can get the info: (I am already half way to my goal!)

As always thank you for the support and I will keep you updated as we move along!

Skype session in action!

Skype session in action!