Sam Fazio

New CD with Tuck & Patti Coming Soon!

The wonder of Skype

Because we are heading out next week to the Bay Area we have an intense week of Skype rehearsals for the new CD this week with Tuck and Patti. Yesterday Chris White and I did a Skype session with them to play through a few songs. I really like the concepts they are giving us to think about when we are choosing and playing the tunes. I really love what we are doing with the Carpenter’s song, Superstar. Yes, a Carpenter's song. Trust me you need to pre-order this recording because it doesn't sound like anything I have done in the past. The tune as a cool slow jazz feel to it which is quite different then when I remember first hearing that song by the Carpenters, then by Bette Midler and later by Luther Vandross—all different feels. Now we will add ours to the list.
Tonight Tim Fitzgerald and I have our turn on Skype with Tuck and Patti. One song I am really excited about is our acoustic version of Downtown Train. I think it’s simple and raw, yet beautiful. One of my favorite versions of this tune was recorded by Everything But the Girl but I think our's might be my new favorite! Pre-order that one too!
We travel to San Francisco on Monday and start recording on Tuesday. Watch for updates about the project while we are there. Stay tuned!