Sam Fazio

New CD with Tuck & Patti Coming Soon!

Let's Go, an original tune

In the lead up to the recording of this new release, I took several months and worked with Chris White and Tim Fitzgerald on writing and arranging tunes. I would come to them with bits and pieces of ideas and then we would spend time trying things out until we'd finally built out a tune. Throughout the process, we shared several of them with Tuck and Patti on Skype before we headed out to San Fran for the actual recording.
Tim and I wrote the tune “Let’s Go” as a fun song about a couple traveling around the world. We spent time developing it and building out the form including a cool ending of the bridge that Tim came up with.  When Patti heard it live, she suggested speeding it up a bit and she worked with us on revising some of the melody and lyrics. We also added a great ending with some new lyrics and cool harmonics. Chris White helped with arrangements, as it was originally written with only guitar. BTW all of this happened in Tuck and Patti’s living room. Once we had the tune put together, we went in and recorded immediately.